Professional development for DTC brands and SaaS.

If you're starting a new business, scaling your current business, or looking to pivot I help coach leaders and teams to develop new skills and think different!

Professional Development Triangles with Q1-Q4

"Brendan is a force of nature when it comes to creative direction and getting the job done. His positive attitude is infectious and he is in constant support of everyone he works with. I would work with Brendan again in a heartbeat."

- Josh Camire, Staff Production Designer at TouchTunes

This is not an online course.

We will meet in person (if possible) , over zoom and slack. I believe in a hands on approach to professional development - not a library of prerecorded videos.

Learn to think different.

I have years of experience working with organizations and individuals helping them to push the boundaries of their current testing, find new verticals, and learn new skills.

I have successfully helped many organizations grow their business with innovative strategies and creative problem-solving methodologies.

Expand your organizations knowledge-base.

Whether you're looking to learn a new soft or hard skill I can help.

I'll sit with you or your team and collaborate on current projects, guide the process, and even get my hands dirty.

You choose the method that suits your business best ... and I'm always available for questions.

Where I can help.

What can I help you with the most? Let's book a call and discuss your needs.

Let's chat.

Product Strategy

I've been helping SaaS owners for over two decades with their product marketing strategies.

Areas of expertise:
‣ Defining your ICP
‣ Testing pricing models
‣ UI/UX product audit and guidance
‣ Team building
‣ Process documentation
‣ Go-to-market strategy

Conversion Optimization

Want to optimize your conversion rates? First, you need to know what's attracting your customers. I've walked many brands through this process successfully. The key is finding out what your customers truly need.

Areas of expertise:
‣ A/B testing and experimentation
‣ User research
‣ Campaign funnels
‣ Conversion design and copywriting
‣ On-site testing and landing pages

Business Operations

It's not easy running a business. I know, I've been there more than once. I've made plenty of mistakes, but I've got it right too.

Areas of expertise:
‣ Org charting
‣ Building out roles and responsibilities
‣ Process flowcharting and documentation
‣ Team building

Learn a New Skill

I like to get my hands dirty. Learning any new skill can be a tough thing to do alone. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to ask questions, get feedback, and bounce ideas off of?

Areas of expertise:
‣ Unbounce
‣ WebFlow
‣ Flowcharting
‣ Creative direction
‣ Conversion copywriting
‣ Experience and journey mapping

Note - Pricing is determined based on the scope of the project.

A simple process.

Discovery Call

We'll meet face to face (zoom) and determine where I can best help you and/or your team. Based on the scope of the work together we will shape a plane that suits you best in terms of time and budget.


Once we have decided on a plan I'll meet with you and/or your team to gather insights on your current situation. With this research in hand I can formulate a roadmap and determine deliverables.

Do the Work

Now it's time to get down to business! We will have weekly coaching calls dedicated to training, deliverable hand-offs, share insights I've collected, give recommendations, and align on prioritization.

Are you game?

Let's chat.

Brendan was an exceptional Creative Director at SplitBase. As one of the first hires during SplitBase's period of rapid growth in the CRO space, he played a crucial leadership role in hiring, training, mentoring and project managing our diverse team of designers and developers.

- Parker Dinh-Williams, Senior Product Manager at SplitBase

Some of My Clients.

Unbounce Toys 'R' Us Keaton Row Redbooth IBM Microsoft Meineke/Maaco sweetiQ World Vision Canada Hootsuite Acquisio Ubisoft Cirque du SoleilVanilla Forums

Toys 'R' Us
Keaton Row
World Vision Canada
Cirque du Soleil
Vanilla Forums

I'm all ears.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

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